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Games collection
These objects are not only to decorate your living space, but also stimulating art for use!



These games can be played right on the wall, at home or in the office, where you can easily make a move and then another when you get the chance again. But always consider it a work of art.
If you prefer to play at the table, just hang the game on the wall.
Whether it's chess, checkers or solitaire, you don't even need an playmate to enjoy these games. You got a very interesting sound result by placing the magnetic buttons on the field because of the glass surface. Some games can even be used for puzzles. But there are no limits to your creativity. You can also use the magnetic buttons to temporarily attach business cards or your memo.

The playing field consists of a wood-framed digital print behind glass. The motifs result from the art design of the gouache works Bunt auf Bunt.  The game pieces are magnetic and stick by themselves. Attached felt corners prevent scratching on the wall or on the table top.

If you have any special requests, please make a request via Contact form.

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