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 Fine Art auf Aludibond - Heart by Heart

Unglaublich schön und faszinierend wirkt das Herzdesign auf dieser satinierten Oberfläche!

These hearts are love tokens of all kinds. Whether it's a gift for a loved one or a heartfelt thank you. They will win hearts at any time!  Each of these declarations of love is characterised by uniqueness! Both through the art itself and through the material on which the heart art is presented.  Aludibond has the ability to showcase design in an ultra-modern and exclusive way.
The power of colour reflected by the precise art print on the finely grained surface conveys a modern harmony that borders on perfection! The artist's signature gives the work an air of originality. These unusual heart motifs on Aludibond enchant the viewer and magically attract them. Each square bears the title of the individually designed motif in English on the reverse, emphasising the meaning of the heart. A single picture on the wall becomes an fascinating eyecatcher. With a collection you create a gallery full of heartfelt art. The pictures are available in two size.

If you have any special requests, please make an enquiry using the contact form
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