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Curriculum vitae

In my gouache painting, I strive to highlight what is hidden, not revealed to everyone. My goal is to artistically interpret seemingly insignificant events with my lively imagination. I often seek the humorous side and enjoy incorporating small contradictions into my works, which engage the viewer with humor. Through wordplay in the titles, I emphasize the ironic expression of my art.

My works often feature spiral shapes reminiscent of snail shells, conveying contradictions like tension and harmonious order. I pay great attention to both backgrounds and objects, often merging them together. The challenge lies in reconciling opposites through sharp shapes and bold colors, offering the viewer a visual "eye yoga." The vibrant brilliance of gouache colors gives these works a magical allure.

From my interest in details and my skills acquired through media design training, arose the idea of digitally editing my gouache works. I digitally deconstruct my pieces to create new compositions that can be reproduced on various materials. These digital blends complement my exhibitions and expand my creative spectrum.

In my artistic practice, I have newly turned to recycling art by collecting small, worthless items and integrating them into my art. Inspired by interesting individual pieces, I create motifs, whether through miniatures for collages or the creation of new structures. New structures and artworks emerge through the interplay of light. This work poses a challenge as it diverges from my previous works, yet still preserves my unmistakable style.

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