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Recycling Art - Zirkusnummer


A small leftover eraser and a tear-off of a rubber bracelet inspired me to create a circus act with a little imagination.

With the little circus act, I took on the toys in my plastic collection. At first I had no idea where I would put these pieces because they were too representational for me. But after sorting through the plastic, I realised that I could put something of my own together. The clown's face, which was an eraser, made me think of the circus. Perhaps also because of the rubber tear-off, which still had the ending Lalu on it. A find that can be attributed to the Lilalu circus. Together with the little glitter stars and other sequins, a collage could be put together. The background, which symbolises the circus ring, was added digitally.  This is digitally recreated and recoloured from the background of the painting "Checking Bull". I dispensed with further arrangements of the figures and utilised the possibilities of digital image processing. This enabled me to give the circus act different moods and thus create several effective scenes without changing the arrangement.

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