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Erstklassige Fine Art Prints, die  den originalen Gouache-Arbeiten von Susanne Augstburger  zum Verwechseln ähnlich sind, sowie eine umfangreiche Kollektion von exklusiven, handsignierten Druckwerken in ausgezeichneter Fotoqualität mit ausgefallenen Motiven aus ihrem Art-Design sind hier nach Manier der Kunstschaffenden von Bunt auf Bunt erhältlich!


Ein weiterführende Links zu  den Accessoires bei Contrado lädt Individualisten in eine faszinierende Welt des einzigartigen, unvergleichlichen  Artdesigns  der Künstlerin,  Susanne Augstburger, ein!

Viel Spaß beim Stöbern!!!

Anker 1
The artist's versatile range is unique. The motifs, which can be found here as signed fine art prints, span a creative period of three decades. Whether abstract, themed or illustrations with humorous contradictions, all the works have one thing in common. It is the colourfulness, which is characterised by harmony despite the power all around. The works are organised by theme, as they are often part of a calendar series. No matter which print you would like to use to freshen up your rooms, all the works are exclusive and are customised to your wishes - you will definitely enjoy them! The Heart by heart series on Aludibond looks particularly elegant. The square shape is a modern eye-catcher that does not require a frame or glass. This highlights the colour and makes the motif even more expressive!

Susanne Augstburger's artistic creativity is enomorous, which is why she has digitally created a design from sections of her paintings that can be used to show lots of objects in a new light.  Contrado gives her the opportunity to refine the art design she has developed on high-quality objects with new decorations.  You can find all kinds of different products with a completely new and enchanting flair on Contrado's Bunt auf Bunt pages!
For example: The sterling silver star sign necklaces are based on the " Persönlichkeiten" series of paintings. The miniature images are reproduced in sharp detail on round sterling silver discs.

There are also other pieces of jewellery that are titled as a delicate variety for him and her. These include ear jewellery made of silver and wood, neoprene bracelets, pocket mirrors and ties and cufflinks for men. Just crazy!

Porcelain cups to collect, drink and enjoy and brighten up your day.

In the interior design section Schöner Wohnen you will find delightful designs from floor lamps to shower curtains that will add the finishing touches to your home.

Fairytale designer armchairs invite you to take a new coffee break.

Fantastic bed linen with enchanting patterns. There are various types of handbags and even an inspiring yoga mat in the range!

All the motifs for the individual products have been perfectly selected according to the artist's sense of harmony, so that there is no automatism of decoration for all the products.

Treat yourself and visit these pages on Contrado!
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