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Gouache painting

Series give me enough freedom to devote myself extensively to a topic. This represented in art calendars, also touch those people who don't get to visit exhibitions or galleries.
Since the first calendar work in 2008, I have turned  most of time to select themes with twelve works. This number gives me enough freedom to deal with the chosen topic. Some series have come together over the years, such as the calendar works Frauenpower and Aufschwung.  It always depends on the inspiration and my willingness to get involved with a topic. Each work takes a lot of time.  These inspirations are banally taken from everyday life. It can be terms,  color compositions or scenes from fantastic dreams that have to be put on paper. This could be spontaneous, but it could also take a few years until the right time has come.  An important concern in creating art is to give further my sense of harmony through the contrast of shapes, colors and irony.

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