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Art design

Fascinating compositions of individual elements from gouache painting

Another creative path is my art design, which is obtained from various digital extracts of my own gouache work. The individual elements are digitally assembled into new structures and processed until I am satisfying. It gives me a lot of pleasure to slice digital a work into its individual parts and put them back together again. I am fascinated by how many possibilities arise when moving the individual elements in order to design magical picture compositions. The best is that I don't have to decide on a composition, because I can creat different designs. That's why I keep creating until I think all interesting variants have been exhausted. Of course these aren't  exhausted really . After a while  new works are created in combination with other templates. These works are not profound, they should simply fascinate at the sight. Nevertheless, it is important to me, as in the case of gouache painting, to give the pictures appropriate titles (most in German). The data of these works are archived and are not only available for unusual wall decorations, but also for wrapping objects of all kinds in a new design. A found selection  has already been processed into fabric samples and is available in different fabric qualities.
Recently there are over 100 designed items that can be purchased in my Contrado store.


If you are interested in various samples, please make an inquiry by contact form.

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