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Recycling Art - Window View



A raised motif offers endless possibilities thanks to different light sources.

It was actually just an experiment. But I was so fascinated by the effects of the light illuminating the eye that I decided to do another project. A second profile was created.  As I had accidentally destroyed the outline of the first piece, I changed the shape of the eyes slightly and added plastic balls and beads to the washers to create even more structure. If you look at the profiles of both eyes, you can see that they are made from a wide variety of materials and scraps of broken everyday objects.

There are office and... hair clips, plastic remnants in darker shades of blue and a few shards of blue-coloured glass. A ceramic button and bottle caps with a depiction of a palm tree that has a light reflection. The white of the eyeball in particular is reduced to transparent glass. The fine tufts of feathers nestle harmoniously into the structure despite the coarse texture of the eye profile.

The play of light on the first version only appeared when the motif had already been laid. This was about the shadow cast by a window cross. I had to capture this effect. I found that the eye's gaze is actually directed towards the window, which is why the term "window view" was immediately chosen. Further experimentation was carried out digitally in Photoshop with several colour-intoxicating results.
You could create infinite variations in

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