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Case bags
Small, smart, reversible fabric bags for each occasion!



The bag for bright individualists! Whether for shopping, in your leisure or on vacation, the small bag offers space for the most necessary utensils that should always be at hand. The hard-wearing pouch with three zippers made of high-quality upholstery fabric is only as big as absolutely necessary and  kept as small as possible.There are 16 different motiv combinations af th  shoulder bags availlable. With separate spaces for mobile phone and glasses and on the opposite side for flat objects such as a  reader and/or car documents, the small useful companion is well thought out.  Also a small carabiner on the inside, to fix a key that needs special protection or for a mascot that is always carried along as a lucky charm.
The bag can be turned according to your mood, so that it adapts to the color of the clothes you are wearing. This color effect worn on the body does not require great courage, just a little joy in colored eye catchers.
Each pattern tells a story, because the motifs were created from individual elements of gouache painting Bunt auf Bunt. This means that the templates were created over a period of 30 years and therefore promise uniqueness.


If you have any special requests, please make a request via Contact form.

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