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Recycling Art - Inspiration of the motif  "Traumtänzer"



Relatively few images are completely abstract in my gouache painting

Dancing under water is actually a fish called Traumtänzer, which is depicted on the gouache painting in the horoscope series "Personalities". It served as a model here. In the illustration, the motif has already been cropped and digitally processed. In this picture, the plush feathers were able to fully take over the part of the intended fins with the power of the colours. It is not only the power of the colours, but also the fine fibres of the feathers that create the feeling that real movement is taking place. The objects such as washers, balls, shards, rubber rings etc. around the fish were originally placed to trace the drawing of the water movement of the original painting. In this digitally created collage, they appear with their shadows as waste products that have sunk to the bottom of the sea. They too are rubbish that I simply picked up on the street. This is not intended to connote the artwork in a negative way, but rather as an image for the senses and to raise awareness.

The other works on this page are related to the motif of the Recycle Art dream dancers in that the components are the same. In other words, after I put them together, a colour-explosive structure was formed that inspired me to create independent works. As you can see, (not found) wooden toys were used here to show what it's all about.

If you are interested in artworks that you cannot find in the online shop, please send us an enquiry using the contact form.

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