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Recycling Art - Loopy Art


The recycled artworks, which were created based on the gouache painting Lollipop, are sculptural and dynamic.

The image motif Lollipop is a favourite of my abstract works, as the latent background image on this website suggests. With its harmoniously curved lines that flow parallel to each other, this image lends itself perfectly to experimenting with the found objects I have collected on it. I was finally able to dedicate myself to this project and you can imagine that I approached it with great anticipation. I was excited to see what could come out of this collection of small parts. I placed round parts such as buttons and washers on prominent circles on the template and outlined them with coloured rubber rings. To create even deeper structures, I placed discs on top of each other and fixed balls and beads with screw nuts. I used bright colours, especially broken plastic and brightly coloured plush feathers that I had collected once. I was able to collect the latter in the Olympic grounds before a Harry Styles concert, as the fans were equipped with plush boas and these were scattered throughout the grounds. They caught the feathers in bushes, where I could easily pluck them off. Little did I know how valuable this colourful mixture could become for me.

When my material for the Lollipop experiment was largely exhausted and the lay-up had been completed, I was initially impressed by the plasticity. I had intended to photograph different perspectives of the picture and then discard the pieces. But I was so impressed by the effect of this relief-like work that I recreated it a second time. This time there was a pane of glass between the structure and the thin print template. This made it possible to transport the piece outside to view it in the sunlight and take photographs. I was fascinated by the play of light and shadow created by the shards of glass and the different heights and shapes on the glass plate. It was also literally a moving moment, as there was a gentle breeze and the plush feathers placed on the picture danced quietly.

Once I had taken enough pictures of this work of art, I removed the test print underneath and was able to create a new interesting effect with a white underlay by reflecting the glass pane. You could experiment endlessly with a single motif.
The most appealing images were further processed digitally in Photoshop. After the collage, which was photographed with the Lollipop template, resembled a pinball machine, I was immediately inspired and realised this idea in my own way. This motif can of course be ordered via my online shop.

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