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Susanne Augstburger's art gallery shows three different  styles. Based on gouache painting Bunt auf Bunt and an art design developed from this, a recycling art has recently been added.

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Gouache painting

Bunt auf Bunt certainly gives an idea that this painting with gouache paints is a palette of colourful pigments, coupled with a charge of energy and joie de vivre. The power and colourfulness of the individual works were not simply left to chance. They were difficult challenges that had to be overcome by creating contrasts and precise colour adjustments. The curved ornaments were intended to give these gouache works a harmonious impression despite the blaze of colour. The illustrations in the picture gallery are assigned to very different themes, most of which were intended as templates for exclusive art calendars. The titles of the series as well as those of the individual paintings are the result of wordplay. The  ironic expression, is desirable.
Art Design

This art design is an unique design of digitally cropped elements of the gouache pictures Bunt auf Bunt. The art design takes different stylistic directions. Depending on which motif the templates show and for which objects they are intended. There is a large selection of patterns that are predestined to give various objects, such as vases, a unique and decorative charm. Independent works of art are also created whose originality should speak for itself. These works of art are particularly effective on fine textiles and print media, which can be ordered here via this online shop. You will also find exclusive photo prints,high quality aludibond and cheeky designer greeting cards. From kitschy and cheerful to elegant and classy, all motifs are fascinating.
Recycling Art

Preparing worthless little things picked up along the path into miniature figures whose charm is typical of ironic expression is one of the new challenges. Similar to art design, certain elements define the motif. The other accessories are added with practised creativity. From the small parts that were occasionally picked up from paths over the course of a year. Before these miniatures are finally assembled, however, the collected individual pieces are used to create the image. For this purpose, the individual pieces of metal, colourful shards of dull glass and plastic as well as elastic hair bands and even kitschy pink plastic are first used for experimental art creation. Existing motifs from the collection are recreated Bunt auf Bunt, photographed and digitally processed.
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