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Curriculum vitae


I, Susanne Augstburger, was born in Munich in 1963 and have been living in Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm since 2017. As a young adult, I pursued an apprenticeship as a photo lab technician, which provided me with an introduction to color theory and laid the foundation for my understanding of colors. Even in my childhood, I was closely connected to vibrant painting. To further develop my artistic skills, I participated in various private art courses and pursued self-directed studies in painting, where I found my own style and expression. The further education as a media designer at the Macromedia Academy in Munich expanded my creative repertoire, allowing me to explore various techniques and media for my artworks. Since 1994, alongside my main role as a civil servant and advocate for the disabled in the public sector, I have also worked as a freelance artist. This dual role enables me to pursue my passion for art while maintaining stability in a professional environment. Art exhibitions and engagements: From the outset, I have regularly showcased my artworks in various cultural venues. Additionally, I have been invited to participate in charity events where my pieces were auctioned under prominent patronage. Continuous professional development and exploration of digital mediums have been instrumental in the evolution of my artistry.

Susanne Augstburger Kunstmalerin und Art-Designerin von Bunt auf Bunt

Further exhibitions

2002 group exhibition in the Züblinhaus, Stuttgart
2003 First digital art prints at Galerie Roucka; Mohr Villa Munich
2004 Artist in the Bundeswehr (german armed forces) – 3rd prize on the subject of "Strong together"
2005 commissioned work by the Mohr-Villa on the subject of "Freimann Football Stadium";
Geranium house, Nymphenburg Palace Park
2006 International Art and Culture Circle; Friedrichshafen art fair; Gallery Little Prince Baden-Baden
2007 joint exhibitions in Colmar and Strasbourg, represented by Galerie Kleiner Prinz,
Galerie der Dinge Viktualienmarkt Munich; Dorfgalerie Planegg, Rotkreuzkrankenhaus Munich,
Kurklinik Buching; solo exhibition Mohr-Villa Munich
2008 Participation in Feme-Feuer-Fanaticism Mohr-Villa Munich
2010 Solo exhibition and presentation of the logo for the Bundeswehr Administration Center in Munich -
laudation Dr. Thomas Goppel
2011 Solo exhibition of the Agatharied Clinic Support Group
2012 Water Tower Dachau - Artists' Market Garching
2013 Solo exhibition BwDLZ Munich anniversary and charity auction in favor of "Horizont e.V."
2015 Art Cards Raab-Verlag
2017 joint exhibition at Ilmmünster Town Hall; themed exhibition Schuhhaus Zirngibl Pfaffenhofen a.d. Ilm;
city exhibition in 24 shop windows in the center of Pfaffenhofen a.d. Ilm
2018 Solo exhibition Mohr-Villa Munich Kaminzimmer - laudation: Ms. Gilla Schmitt-Thiel; solo exhibition
Schloss Hohenkammer - Gutsfoyer - Laudation: Managing Director Mr. Martin Kirsch
2019 Joint exhibition Kunstkreis Finanzamt Pfaffenhofen; topic: "Ready for series production";
laudation: Mr. Hellmuth Inderwies (former cultural advisor of Pfaffenhofen a. D. Ilm)
2020 Recreationel Enterprises & Perseus Gallery New York City (virtual)
2021 Spring / Summer exhibition of the Böhner Collection & Gallery in the Bechtle House in Mallau;
Laudation: art historian Dr. Helmut Orpel

2004 3rd place artist in the Bundeswehr "Strong together"
2007 Competition Galerie Tijani 3rd Prize “The Artwork” Dortmund; European Cultural Circle
Strasbourg "Honorary Euro Prize for Outstanding Artistic Achievement"
2008 1st place Bundeswehr Service Center Munich Logo design
2010 Competition „200 Years Oktoberfest“, Mohr-Villa Munich Audience Award
“Fröhlich dreht es sich im Kreise"
2012 3rd place in the spring festival Munich - beer mug competition

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