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Recycling Art - Figures

After extensive puzzle work with the small parts, selected elements are assembled into artistic miniatures in order to stage them for art collages.


​When I glue figures together, I am happy to sacrifice my found objects. Sacrifice because every piece is useful for my experimental picture collages. Once these found objects have been processed, I naturally run out of material. But I have decided to continue collecting after the year in question. Let's see what little treasures will turn up at my feet. Especially with such special things as a heart-shaped paper clip or an eraser with a clown's head on it, you can't expect to find them a second time. Of course, washers, screws and rubber rings are quickly collected again.

A figure normally also has a head. The nature and size of the head are decisive in determining how to proceed. Like with the alien, for example. I had a textile doll's face with a hairline and no idea what to do with it. I put two glass discs that I found together by chance over the eyes to make something happen. That was enough to know what to make of it. Or the king with the crown cap. Actually, I rarely take a bottle cap with me because it's its own kind of recycling. But exceptions prove the rule. I thought that if you put a button under the crown, you could create a majestic miniature. Surprisingly, with the buttons I found, without any

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