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Fine Art Miniprints framed - zodiac signs - personal characteristics

A small gallery with great personalities in as artistic zodiac signs!
Put together a  wall with painted character traits of your beloved.

​With such a small, framed zodiac sign work, you will have a very personal gift  to your friend and it won't cost ther world. All the better if you know the zodiac sign of the person you want to make happy. However, these motifs do not necessarily require that anyone were born in this zodiac month, because  these prints of Gouache-works are imaginative  that are only dedicated to the zodiac signs. They bring joy to the viewer. If you know the title of the individual pictures, it also brings a smile. This is entirely in the spirit of the artist Susanne Augstburger.

Make your family and yourself happy with these exclusive framed miniprints. Create a zodiac sign gallery with the people surround you  and make a piece of wall to an eye-catcher in your living room. With a size of 18 x 24 cm, the high-quality fine art mini prints can easily be assembled into a small gallery. Of course, the Fine Art Minis are hand-signed by the artist herself.
New - new - new
Zodiac Necklaces in Sterling Silver
True to the style of Bunt auf Bunt, now there is also an art design of these zodiac motifs by Susanne Augstburger. For example, now you can order by
contrado a Charming sterling silver zodiac necklacescurrently available in exclusive keepsake tin.
If you are interested in originals, please make an inquiry by contact form.

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