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Art-Design  -  Photo print exclusive  - matters of the heart

These attractive eye-catchers are lovable and full of life!


Brilliant photo prints, along with the associated subtitles that often make you smile invite. These happy ones picture stories result from digitally sliced details of various works of gouache painting Bunt auf Bunt. Alone from the series matters of the heart there are a good 50 motifs. Not only for at home, but also a perfect walldecoration for medical practices and hospitals. With these fancy and lovable eye-catchers on the walls ,patients could be made more comfortable in waiting areas and consulting rooms. In addition, these  framed high-quality  pictorial works from the art design of gouache painting are a cheap alternative to original works. The works, signed by the artist, Susanne Augstburger, are framed in a black aluminum (40 x 50 cm) and fitted with a white passe-partout. 
If you have any special requests, please make a request via contact form

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