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Shoe power

Whether high heels or platforms - a flower arrangement in an art design can always be conjured up from the toes of the shoes

Whole seas of flowers emerge from the blossoms on the toes of the shoes and result in enchanting templates.  The Shoepower design was created in 2006 together with Bodyflower. It has lain dormant in the archive for far too long. But now these patterns should be appreciated. Cleverly printed wallpapers for the extravagant shoe lover would be conceivable here. But also exclusive wrapping paper, textiles of all kinds, Porzellan  or pottery are suitable carriers for these trendy but noble templates. The individual elements and the color backgrounds can be changed and adapted to the respective product. 


If you are interested in various samples, please make an inquiry by contact form.

Paradise of tulips

PARADISE OF TULIPS results from the gouache painting spring collection. Picture wallpaper would be conceivable, but upholstery fabric for a designer armchair would also be very effective. Or an umbrella with flowers raining down on it.

Spring field

SPRING FIELD Here I am thinking of tasteful packaging such as gift bags and gift boxes for spring.

Black steps

BLACK STEPS Here I see a border over a shoe cabinet.

Carousel of pink shoes

CAROUSEL OF PINK SHOES This filigree pattern would certainly be well suited for fragrant fabrics.

Hot chili

HOT CHILI 38 / 5.000 Übersetzungsergebnisse suitable for fabrics and wrapping paper

Pretty style

PRETTY STYLE A pattern for those who don't like it so brightly colored.

Oriental style

ORIENTALE STYLE This pattern already adorns a handbag.


SUNNY SHOES I think about a curtain in front of a window so that the sun shines even when it rains.

Hot fence

HOT FENCE If you look closely, you will recognize the colorful tin foil of ice cream confectionery. Therefore, a use for chocolate boxes should also be considered.

Ice collection

ICE COLLECTION Here is ice cream confectionery worked into the shoe. With this, a cafeteria could create a basis for winter decoration.

Seventies style

SEVENTIES STYLE The favourite of Schuh-Allüren can be used anywhere. Already available as a greeting card.

Red line

Here I would like robust textiles. But this design could also be used gift paper-

Flip flops

FLIP FLOP Pop, like in the 70's. Ideal as a print template for bathing utensils.

Violet pattern

VIOLET PATTERN Tone in tone, but powerful. Imaginable on all printable documents. All nuances can be coordinated across the color palette.

Western movement

WESTERN MOVEMENT Emerged from the tips of a painted cowboy boot. Would also be a nice embossing on leather.

Colourful gears

COLOURFUL GEARS As gears or flowers, the individual elements can be flexibly reworked into new templates.


BATHROOM All shoe motifs from my gouache painting can be found in this picture collage. In fact, old tiles can be put in a new light with the individual shoe motifs.


FRIENDS would be nice on an umbrella.


This fun motif is suitable for any printable image carrier. Whether ceramic mug, fabric bag or umbrella, always a cheerful eye-catcher.

Wedding day

103 / 5.000 Übersetzungsergebnisse This couple is probably the dream couple. Ideal as a greeting card for marriage or wedding day. It's always an Eye-catcher.


This game with shoes is available as an art design greeting card.


WINTER MAGIC A whole new decor for the Christmas season. I could imagine a shopping bag.

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