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Fine Art Print - Persönlichkeiten - Characteristics

Character images of the individual zodiac signs from the artist's point of view

You may find yourself in one of the Zodiac sign or recognize certain  character traits of your partner. A selection of these elaborately painted horoscope pictures on your walls, assigned to people who are close to you, let your rooms speak pictures litrally!
Choose the option with passe-partout and frame. You will receive the fine art print signed by Susanne Augstburger, completely framed  by post!  Of course you can also have the high-quality reproduction framed yourself.
New - new - new
Zodiac necklaces in sterling silverTrue to the style of Bunt auf Bunt , there is now also an art design of these zodiac motifs by Susanne Augstburger. For example, now at contrado Charming sterling silver zodiac necklaces currently available in exclusive tin in shape of a heart.

If you are interested in originals, please make an inquiry by contact form.

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